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52 year-old woman complaining of heavy and droopy upper eyelids with excess skin.

53 year old woman complaining of heavy upper eyelids. The patient wanted a conservative result that would not dramatically change her appearance.

Excess upper eyelid skin causing a tired look. Conservative in-office upper blepharoplasty was done resulting in a natural rejuvenated appearance.

Heavy upper eyelids with excess skin/hooding corrected with upper blepharoplasty surgery

Droopy right upper eyelid corrected via external ptosis repair as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia.

Droopy right upper eyelid corrected via internal approach ptosis repair.

65 year-old woman with severe droopy upper eyelids. She underwent  ptosis (droopy eyelid) repair via external approach as a medical (non-cosmetic) procedure to improve her vision.

64 year old man with droopy upper eyelids affecting his vision. Functional (medically necessary) ptosis correction surgery was performed to improve his vision.

Before (left) and 6 weeks after (right) functional (medically necessary) droopy eyelid (ptosis) repair via external approach. The patient was complaining of droopy eyelids affecting her ability to see.

69 year old man complaining of droopy upper eyelids, left more than right. He underwent blepharoplasty of both upper eyelids and ptosis repair of the left upper eyelid (external approach).

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