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64 year old man with droopy upper eyelids affecting his vision. Functional (medically necessary) ptosis correction surgery was performed to improve his vision.

Before (left) and 6 weeks after (right) functional (medically necessary) droopy eyelid (ptosis) repair via external approach. The patient was complaining of droopy eyelids affecting her ability to see.

43 year-old man with droopy upper eyelids for many years. Ptosis correction via external approach.

79 year-old woman with severe droopy eyelids affecting her vision. She had repair of ptosis via external approach with conservative upper blepharoplasty.

5 year old girl with congenital left upper eyelid ptosis.

70 year-old woman complaining of droopy upper eyelids interfering with her vision. Ptosis surgery was performed via external approach. Lower eyelid transconjunctival fat repositioning and canthopexy were done at the same time.

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