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Patient with previous thyroid eye disease (Grave’s disease affecting the eye sockets) that caused eye bulging (proptosis) with excess fat deposition (bags) and excess skin of the upper and lower eyelids. Rehabilitative (non-cosmetic) surgery was performed.

Left lower eyelid ectropion (turning out) causing irritation, redness and tearing. Reconstructive surgery was done to correct the eyelid position.

64 year-old woman referred to Dr. Levin for a complication following cosmetic surgery.  Right lower eyelid reconstruction with canthoplasty and skin grafting.

Ectropion (turning out) of both lower eyelids causing redness, tearing, mucous discharge and irritation. Symptoms resolved following the surgery.

62 year-old woman with lower eyelid retraction (eyelid is pulled down) and ectropion (eyelid everted) causing dry eye that is not improved with drops, and excess tearing. She underwent lower eyelid canthoplasty (tightening) and retraction repair with a spacer graft to elevate the lower eyelids.

This patient had lower blepharoplasty with another surgeon. She developed an ectropion of the right lower eyelid following that surgery and underwent reconstructive surgery to correct it.