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Are Your Brows in Need of a Lift?

brow lift Westport, CTThrough our interaction with patients, we have come to know that, while many people realize they need treatment to refresh their facial appearance, they are unsure of the most suitable way to reach their desired result. They know they want to look younger, and they know their eyes are a primary part of the problem. The question we often hear is whether or not a person needs a brow lift or an eyelid lift. We’ll try to answer that question here by offering details of the brow lift procedure.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift may be referred to as an upper facelift. This is because the procedure can raise the eyebrows and also reposition the superficial tissue on the forehead to reduce the appearance of horizontal lines on the upper face. Brow lift procedures involve one or more incisions that are placed discreetly behind the hairline. Dr. Levin performs brow lifts using an endoscopic technique that minimizes the size of each incision and makes the scars much less visible. An endoscope camera is inserted for observation, and small surgical instruments are used to manipulate superficial tissue and skin. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under mild sedation or general anesthesia.

Is a brow lift the answer to aging eyes?

Because the brows and the upper eyelids are closely connected, the appearance of hooded eyelids may stem from a drooping brow. This may be the result of being born with low-set eyebrows, or the result of aging and gravity.

Today, conservative approaches to the standard brow lift are the norm. Botox is a prime example of a non-surgical brow lift. While this approach is not right for every patient, injectable treatment is advantageous for the temporary correction of mild eyebrow drooping.

For long-lasting rejuvenation and the correction of more apparent brow descent, the endoscopic surgical brow lift is ideal. The lift technique that is used by experienced surgeons like Dr. Levin doesn’t merely raise the brow; it enhances the arch of the brow line to align with the bony ridge of the upper eye. Not every patient needs a full brow lift. In some patients, only the tail of the brow needs to be raised to re-establish the youthful contour and give the outer eyelid a lift to improve the hooded appearance. Recognizing differences between male and female ideals, as well as each patient’s desires are critical to a natural and long-lasting result.

Do you think you may need a brow lift? Schedule a consultation in our Westport office to learn more about your surgical and non-surgical options.

Brow Lift Westport, CT

When it’s Time for a Brow Lift

There are few ways to rejuvenate your appearance that come close to an upper facelift or brow lift. This surgical procedure is commonly performed for lasting improvements in the appearance (or disappearance) of horizontal lines on the forehead, drooping eyebrows, and brow creases. If these are concerns that you live with, and you are interested in moving beyond the temporary fix of dermal fillers, now may be an opportune time to learn more about brow lift surgery.

Age-related Laxity

The appearance of our face and body changes as we age largely because the elasticity and firmness of the skin diminish. Sun damage exacerbates the decrease in collagen and elastin by causing existing strands to fray and loosen. Then, of course, there is the very nature of gravity, which constantly pulls downward on aging facial muscles. Depending on how this occurs around the eyes, it is possible for the outer brow to sag, resulting in a perpetually sad expression. When sagging is more prominent toward the inside of the brow line, an expression of anger may develop. In either situation, it is easy to misunderstand what is happening and what to do about it. Many people believe that eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is the answer due to the heaviness that the upper eyelids take on when the brow drops.

Discerning the Right Treatment

The question that needs to be answered is how to correct the problem that is causing the eyes to look fatigued, angry, or sad. First, it is necessary to discern what the problem is. Is it the skin on the eyelids, or is it the brow and forehead? Your cosmetic surgeon is an excellent resource for reliable information in this area. However, if you wish to get a head start on a potential solution, you could perform a simple test at home.

Looking at your brow line in a mirror is one way to begin to understand the origin of eyelid aging. The brows should rest along the bony ridge at the top of the eye socket, not below it. Using your fingers to gently raise the brow line just a few millimeters, observe what happens to the skin on the upper eyelid. If this skin smoothes out, your path to younger looking eyes may lie in a brow lift alone. In some cases, brow lift surgery and blepharoplasty are needed to fully correct age-related sagging.

Statistics suggest that more people are turning to brow lifts and blepharoplasty for facial rejuvenation than to full facelifts. Learn more about these anti-aging treatments in a consultation at our Westport office. Call 203-557-6464.

BROW Lift Westport, CT

Getting Results Means Starting with the Right Question

“You won’t get what you want unless you ask for it.” Have you heard this popular inspirational phrase? It’s true; in all areas of life, to get something we’d like, we have to learn to ask for it. There’s more to it than that, though. It isn’t just asking the question “could I, please have . . .“ There is also the matter of knowing what it is that you want in the first place. We’d like to explain.

What many people do when they want to get rejuvenate the eyes is they call their doctor for Botox or dermal fillers. We’re not saying this is wrong, but it may not be right, either. Asking for injectables from the get-go may just negate the bigger question: why have the eyes changed in appearance?

This is an important question because, if you do not know what’s causing the eyelids to look heavy and droopy, you can’t know the steps to resolve the issue. In our oculofacial plastic surgery office in Westport, our specialty is eyelid rejuvenation and reconstruction. We spend time in the observation of the tissue around the eyes, as well as on the forehead, to determine the cause of facial aging. This way, we can offer solutions that will obtain the desired outcome.

One common method of restoring a youthful appearance to the eyes is to remove excess skin during blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. Another process and one which may be better suited to some patients is to look at the brow. Here, we want to discuss the differences between a surgical brow lift and a Botox brow lift.


This injectable treatment for drooping brows is very popular due to its minimally-invasive nature. Treatment requires only about 30 minutes, and about a week’s worth of patience as treated muscles gradually relax their downward pull on the brows. Botox injections are mildly uncomfortable, if at all. Results are also mild, and you want them to be. With careful application, Botox lifts the brow by only a few millimeters and holds the line in place for a few months at a time.

Brow Lift Surgery

We’ll just put it right out there: a brow lift is a more permanent solution to a drooping brow and sagging upper eyelids than Botox. This is because the brow lift re-drapes the superficial tissue of the forehead to a slightly higher position. Because this process is manually performed by an experienced surgeon, it is possible to obtain a greater degree of lift, and results that can last years.

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