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Before and after 1 month after FaceTite treatment to improve the double chin, loose neck skin and jawline contour. These are early results and will continue to improve for the next 6-9 months.

One syringe (1 mL) of Restylane was used to improve the appearance of undereye dark circles. The results are expected to last about 1 year and can be repeated as necessary.

Before and 3 months after an upper blepharoplasty and EmbraceRF (FaceTite and Morpheus); Note improvement in the eyelids, jawline contour and facial pigmentation.

Before and 3 months after Embrace treatment (FaceTite and Morpheus) to correct the neck and jawline. This is an in-office procedure done with local anesthetic and oral sedation. Most patients return to work and normal activities in 4 days, but it takes 10-14 days for all swelling to resolve.

Before and 3 months after FaceTite.

Before and 3 months after FaceTite for neck and jawline rejuvenation

Before and After Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Transposition

Before and after undereye filler with Restylane; Total of 2.5 syringes were used to achieve this result.

Before and 10 months after undereye filler for dark circles; Patients are advised that they will still need to/want to wear makeup but it will look better than prior to treatment.

Before and 6 weeks after upper blepharoplasty to improve the hooded upper eyelid appearance.  The patient looks refreshed but natural.

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